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Suction Mobile Phone Holder For Your Car

CODE: 340103

£2.60   £1.30
In stock
Suction mobile phone holder for your car with a suction pad to stick to your windscreen and a suction pad for your mobile phone. Very useful if... More
28 days

USB Car Charger

CODE: 340105

£2.20   £1.50
In stock
USB car charger, ABS and aluminium metal alloy with red light charger indicator and GB Crest print. A useful gift!
28 days

Puzzle Tray

CODE: 340108

£1.30   £0.90
In stock
Puzzle tray with GB Crest full colour print, size is 7.5cm x 9cm. A fun gift!
28 days

Bag for life shopper

CODE: 330108

£3.20   £1.00
In stock

Large bag for life with smiley logo and web address print on both sides.

28 days

Full Colour Large Shopper

CODE: 330110

£4.00   £1.50
In stock

Bright and colourful strong large shopping bag that can also be folded to fit in your handbag.

28 days

Cookie Cutters

CODE: 340104

£2.25   £0.50
In stock

Pack of 2 cookie cutters with Smiley Face design and GB Crest design with a generous size at width of 80mm on both designs. Click here to see the childs apron that we also have for sale.

28 days